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The works of Jen and Michael Coolwood


Confessions of a Gentleman Arachnid

‘Confessions’ has a cool wit and a unique voice all of its own. Milligan Clodthorpe is a marvellous character - pompous, self-deluded and a little bit of a posh idiot but in all other respects a thoroughly spiffing arachnid
— Starburst Magazine

Meet Milligan Clodthorpe, a gentleman arachnid of exceptional lineage who finds himself involuntarily inhabiting the body of a human female. Bainbridge, the cad who now inhabits Milligan’s arachnid form, is known throughout the galaxy as thoroughly selfish and uncivilised. What he might get up to with a body such as Milligan’s simply does not bear thinking about.

With the help of Milligan’s mechanical valet Forsythe, his revered Uncle Angus, his psychotic cousin Gertrude, and Pigstick, his former comrade in arms, he must recover his arachnid body and prevent Bainbridge from disgracing his family name.

Through twists and turns, Milligan’s pursuit leads him into thrilling adventures. Be prepared for daring espionage, scandalous scenes and perilous levels of dry wit.

The best satirical sci-fi novel with space spiders since Starship Troopers!

Unexpected Death of a Soldier

What makes a human, human?

What makes you, you?

When Lt Carslon investigates a teleportation accident, quite unexpectedly, she dies.  Even more unexpectedly, she lives to tell the tale.

Dr Isolde and Engineer Lucy are caught up in the revolution and fanaticism that follow in the wake of Carlson’s death and life. As humanity faces the end of civilisation as they know it, each character focuses on their own personal dilemmas, not quite realising how far-reaching their actions will be…

Coolwood’s clear writing style and sense of humour make the end of human civilisation a compelling read. Vivid action sequences, fully rounded characters and a plot-line that takes a fresh look on many classic sci-fi themes make The Unexpected Death of a Soldier a must read for all sci-fi fans. 

Debut sci-fi novel from Michael Coolwood

Coolwood’s approach is very refreshing. He explores the intricacies of cyber weaponry and medicine with clarity and humour, and doesn’t outstay his welcome. He is interested in how these devices affect their users; and his lively plot develops out of such man/machine tensions.
— Amazon review by A. Ross